Farm life in Mississippi

Our pipeline of projects

If you are a friend and follower on social media then you know Chad and I recently bought our farm home in June. We have been settled in for a little over 2 months now. We were definitely not looking to buy and move until later this year. We decided we were going to take our time, continue to save, and find the perfect home when ready.

The house I was renting worked great for me, the dog kids, and the horse. It got a little tight when Chad and Oscar moved in. We had amazing neighbors and I loved living in Collierville. Friends would joke that they needed to pack a bag to come visit me. I would joke back that, "Target was only 7 minutes away, I'm not that far out."

We talked about our non-negotiables for our future home: it had to have room for horses, at least 5 acres but no more than 10 so we could maintain it. The house needed to be big enough for a growing family (just one additional human) and ideally not a home that needed tons of work. Chad lived in his fixer-upper for 10 years and he was worn out with home repairs. He also wanted a pond, and it needed to be close enough to "life" aka, grocery, restaurants, human interaction, etc. We needed to have property but we did NOT want to live far out from civilization, and ideally no more than 30 minutes drive to our offices; funny, now that we have no idea when we are returning to our offices. Other wants were space for woodworking and art studio but those could be add ons, it just needed enough space to add later.

We were keeping our eyes open for properties in the Collierville reserve/ Eads area. Man, the market is tight right now. As soon as something came on it would go off with 3 to 4 offers. We looked at a few really nice properties that would work, but none really gave us the feeling of forever, and some had offers before we could even schedule a showing.

So one day, in our new working from home setup, Chad said, "Honey, do you really care where you live?" I was at the kitchen table working and Chad was at the dining room table. I looked at him and said, "Where is it?" He said, "Nesbit," and I said, "NOPE!" Nope as in, no, I am not moving to Nesbit. Now, let me be clear, I have nothing against Nesbit or Mississippi. I went to Ole Miss and I love Desoto County. It was more of a personal reason for not wanting to be in the area. All my people were east. My mom was only 30 minutes from me, my neighbors, who are like family are east, my sister is in Collierville, and my dad in East Memphis. I have always been east and I was very settled in that area.

Chad said, "I am just going to send you the pictures so you can see this place." After five minutes all I said was, "Damn it!" and I picked up the phone. Chad asked, "who are you calling?" and I said, "Connie," my neighbor and real estate agent. We scheduled a showing that day and saw it.

Not even 24 hours later we made our offer. It fit the bill, acres: 8, pond: yes, barn: 2 (needed stalls) woodworking space: tons, art studio space: yep, updated house: yep, and so much more. This was the last place I thought we would find our home. Since being here we not only love our home, but we love the area. We are less than 10 minutes from the Hernando square and it is perfect. It has a quaint small-town environment, awesome local shops and restaurants, an amazing farmers market and so much more. It feels like home should have always felt.

Now that we are settled we have projects on our to-do list! Chad has his woodworking shop set up in the old dairy barn. His first projects include:

  • Wood Planters for the front entryway

  • Our master suite bed frame and

  • Our farmhouse dining room table

  • Flowerbed boxes for our vegetable garden for next spring

Our farm updates include:

  • Finishing the horse stalls

  • Finishing out the attic/ loft space for my art studio and office

  • And clearing out the east side of our property to open up more pasture and grassy areas

  • Flower bed designs for the front of the house and in the backyard area

I have already put the property to use for fall and Christmas photography sessions too. I have 4 scheduled here this Saturday, 6 more on the following Saturday with more scheduled in October and November. Let's say this place has been a huge inspiration for our creative souls.

We have a lot of projects planned but with the summer heat fading and our days shifting into fall I feel we will have lots accomplished before winter sets in completely. I'll be documenting each project with before and after photos and if you want Chad to build you something, let me know. Yes,! I am selling my husband (or his handy work anyway)! He may not be able to start immediately (see the to-do list above) but in a month or two should be a different story! Until then make sure you subscribe to Art of Creating blog so you can stay up to date with our projects, improvements, and my photography and art around the Abbott Farm!