Farm session the with Trentmans

"Oh my gosh, you have red hair!" That was the first thing I said when the Trentmans were getting out of their car. I was greeted by Walker, a red-headed little boy who came prepared to smile big!

I never really realized it but I have a thing for reds. I have a red dog, two red horses, a red-headed sister, niece, AND husband. I think I know when we have a child, he or she will have a 50% chance... maybe a 75% chance of being a redhead.

When I got done taking photos I had a quick snack break before my next session arrived. I walked into the house and Chad said, "Oh my gosh! That little redheaded boy was adorable." He continued on by saying, "I nearly came out of the house to give him a high five." I guess what Chad said is true, redheads just have a special bond. Here is a sneak peek of the Trentman family, the cutest family of the day!

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