Farm session with the House Family

"Oh she is going to mean mug," Courtney, Susanna's mom, said once I started taking individual photos of each one of their kids.

It is always fun to see the personalities of the little people I photograph. Some show up and start posing immediately, others look at me like I am a green witch, and some hide their faces behind their mom or dad's legs.

I was definitely the 3rd type of subject. I was so shy as a child I would pull my mom's long skirt or dress in front of my face when I was around other adults. I didn't want to talk, smile, or look at them. A sure sign of a future introvert! I am pretty sure I sported a "mean mug" too, or what I really think of as a look of curiosity. I never know who I will meet when shooting new clients, especially children. Courtney, Charlie, Andrew, and Susanna had me looking for shots to capture their fun family. Here are some highlights from their session on Saturday on the Abbott Farm.

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