Meet the Barnes

When I started opening my schedule up for more photography I posted on a Hernando Facebook group. Through that group, I scheduled several new clients in the Hernando/ Nesbit area. The Barnes; Randall, Tracy, and Caleb are one of the families I scheduled, and it just so happens they live right down the street from us!

After their session, we talked about our new home, the area, and surrounding neighbors (in a good way of course!) Randall is a volunteer firefighter and he quickly asked if Chad had any interest in volunteering with the fire department in Nesbit. Randall has actually been to our house before, with the firetruck, when the previous owners had a small electrical issue that caused a lot of smoke. He let me know the firetruck has a hard time squeezing through our gate when turning in from the west. Let's hope we don't need them returning any time soon. I know I have not already mentioned this, but we just love our new home and the area. It was wonderful to meet more neighbors of ours and get to know them better. Here is the Barnes' family sneak peeks!

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