Three, Two, One, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I think everyone is on the same page when it comes to closing out 2020. The year did not go as planned for a single person I know. So much happened in 2020, and for me all the best things happened during one of the hardest years we have all experienced.

I am pretty sure everyone is ready to put out the dumpster fire of 2020, but will 2021 bring a more normal year, or more sheltering at home, lower revenues, more job loss, and business closures? I hate to even think about it, but I know planning for a challenging year ahead is key to success.

I feel like 2021 New Year resolutions are perhaps one of the most important things I can plan and visualize for the new year. Why? Because I am in sales, in my full-time job at the Memphis Business Journal, and in my art and photography side hustle. When you are in sales you have to pre-plan your activity, goals, approach and autonmy. I consider myself a creative professional with a wide skill set, but let’s face it, everyone in business is a salesperson at the end of the day. Here are my top 5 New Year Resolutions to help guide me through 2021 as a professional seeking success:

1. Balance, more balance!

Having a side hustle as a single woman was easy. I had a lot of time on my hands and art and photography are things I did to unwind from my workday. Some people watch TV, others read, I created. Now that I am married, I cannot run off to a different room and leave Chad by himself. Well, not every night anyway. I will need to be more structured than I have ever been before. I have personal stretch goals for my job at MBJ, and major stretch goals for my art and photography as well. I want to be able to achieve those goals without depriving my relationships and spirit. This will obviously be a work in progress, but it is my number 1 New Years Resolution!

2. Growth

Growth is my second resolution for 2021. If you are not growing you are dying so finding ways to grow, especially during hard times is big for me. I will be celebrating 10 years at MBJ in January and when I look back over the last decade, I see a lot of personal growth but not as much professional growth as I would like. In 2021 I am working towards professional growth. This will be my year to grow in every possible way I can as a creative professional. I want to grow revenue, my business, my network, and my relationships more than I have ever grown before. I refuse to be complacent. I also know it will be hard and challenging, but I always seem to find ways to overcome big challenges, so I am ready for that uphill climb.

3. Health

Maybe Health should be my #1 resolution? After all you cannot have much without your health. Health is a major goal for so many reasons. After the year we have had health is on everyone’s mind. I recognize that I cannot attain more balance and growth unless I am healthy. And health is not just a physical goal, but a mental goal as well. I know better than anyone how being mentally healthy is key for success. After 2017 when my mom and dad’s health drastically declined overnight, I had to find healthy ways to cope and heal. After experiencing 2017 I feel like I am very well equipped to manage stress and trauma; however, there are things that I need to do regularly to stay healthy, body and mind. Those will be on the forefront in 2021 to help navigate the year.

4. Learning

Learning is a New Years resolution because we are never too old to learn. I'm constantly looking for ways to learn new healthy habits, skills, processes, and techniques. As a creative person you must keep learning to evolve with time. Learning is important because it is a way to invest in yourself and your future. The more a person learns the more he/ she can contribute to others. I jump at the opportunity to learn and having those keep me motivated and thriving when I feel like I am stuck.

5. Acceptance

This might be a weird one to list as a new year’s resolution, but this is a powerful resolution for me. I can visualize where I want to be in the next year to 3 to 5+ years, but it is everywhere in the middle that I struggle with. I need to accept that balance, growth, health, and learning do not magically happen overnight. Accepting that there will be growing pains, successes, failures, setbacks, and hamster wheels on my journey to my overall professional and personal goals will help me stay focused, motivated, and moving forward. Accepting that life is uncontrollable and keeping faith is something I need to remember daily.

So that's my plan! I will plan to practice more work/ side hustle and life Balance, work to achieve more Growth, put my Health first, find ways to continue to Learn while Accepting challenges, failures, successes, and unexpected occurrences as they come at me. What are your major goals and New Year Resolutions for 2021?