The Bandermanns

Meet the Bandermanns everyone! Nicci is another fellow AOTT sorority sister of mine. We were in the same pledge class freshman year, and we lived on the same dorm floor our sophomore year. Nicci actually knew Chad too. I had not seen her in years but come to find out Chad was texting Nicci to get the scoop on me before our first date because she was the only person we were both connected to. Thankfully she had good things to share, even though it had probably been 8 to 10 years since the last time we saw each other in person.

When Nicci asked if she could get family photos too I was thrilled. Since Chad and I started dating and got married Nicci and her husband Matt have been such wonderful friends. They helped throw our couples engagement party, pre-COVID, and Nicci has gone out of her way to text and check in on me during my mom's illness and throughout crazy wedding planning. You make friends during college, fall away from them for time to only bring them back into your life when you need them most. Nicci, your texts and check-ins on me during the hardest of times are truly special and I hold them dear to my heart. Not everyone goes out of their way to check on their friends. Everyone has had a rough time transitioning during these times but you are so caring and selfless to check on me and others. Thank you for that. I am so happy we have reconnected after so many years!

Here are Matt, Nicci, Sutton and Sully Cate's family sneak peeks!

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