The Myers and their little fishermen

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Keller and Cannon, future bass pro fisherman!

I have horses so one of the requirements for our new home was enough acreage to keep my horses at home. Chad said he was totally down with acreage, but he wanted a pond! Thankfully we found the best of both worlds because all our quarantine family, friends, and their kiddos have had a wonderful time fishing in Chad's pond.

After our wedding, Lindsey said she wanted to bring her boys so they could fish and we could get photos of them. Little did I know that Lindsey and Landon's little boys were little professional bass pro fishermen. Keller caught a 4 to 5 lb bass on his own! He even took the hook out of its mouth and held it up proudly for a picture. Cannon soon hooked himself a bass too. He pulled pliers out of his pocket and took the hook out as well. These two clearly have a love for fishing and as a 5 and 4-year-old, they definitely have a talent for it.

We took some family photos of the whole crew and once we finished up they grabbed their poles and went right back to fishing. It was a great day hanging with the Myers. Here are their sneak peeks.

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