Women in Art: Natalie Cooper - Painting Personalities

Natalie Cooper is a 23-year-old Memphis, custom, pop artist specializing in pet portraits and so much more. She has been an artist her entire life but found a passion for marketing and social media in college. She brought these two passions together and created Custom Art by Nat Coop. A business that she grew solely through social media and is continuing to grow each day.

Natalie has found ways to incorporate pets' unique personalities with bright, eccentric colors and detailed brush strokes. Her style brings the painting alive and pets' personalities jump right off the canvas. In a Q&A, with Natalie, she answers questions about her business and what it is like being a female artist in the Memphis area:

1) Do you think of yourself as an artist, a businesswoman, or both?

"I absolutely think of myself as both. Owning a creative business allows for my passions for marketing/business to come though while creating art."

2) Why do you do what you do?

"I have an intense passion for animals (pets my whole life/vegetarian) and working for myself is the best for my lifestyle and health."

3) How has your work changed over time?

"I had never painted a cat or dog during my intensive art classes when I was young, so over the 2 years of painting pets I have noticed my confidence in painting and composition in general increase."

4) What art do you most identify with?

"Pop Art is my favorite. I don’t identify well with art that doesn’t have intense color going on."

5) What local artists do you admire most?

"I admire a lot of photographers, watercolor artists, and Southern artists. They do things I would never be able to do: Georgia Jane Design, Whitney Winkler Art, Dare Harcourt Art, and Kelly Ginn to name a few."

6) How do you stand out from your competitors?

"I think a lot of people see more life and personality in my art than people who paint an exact photo on canvas. Also, all of my work is custom so each dog/cat I paint is someone’s beloved family pet."

7) Advice for other females trying to make a career in the arts industry?

"BE CONFIDENT. Identify yourself to your audience how you want to be portrayed! Don’t copy others. Put YOUR personality into your work and on your social media. People come for the art & stay for who you are as a person ❣️"

8) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"Do not undervalue yourself or your time. Charge what you are worth and the right customers will come."

To see more of Natalie's artwork follow her on Instagram: @customartbynatcoop

And visit her website: https://www.customartbynatcoop.com/